External Video Files and Source

Hey there,

I recently got a Hypno this month and have a few things I’m maybe not understanding fully…

  1. When trying to place a video file on a USB stick (Encoded with Handbrake at Fast480p30 as recommend) I notice the frame rate is REALLY low when it’s loaded into Hypno. Maybe 10-15fps? However it looks fine when I play the newly encoded file on my desktop computer. Is there a setting I’m missing in Handbrake or within the Hypno itself to fix this frame rate issue?

  2. I saw another page mentioning you can take video input via usb-c to hdmi from the USB-C port in the top right of the module, so I thought this might be my work around to the FPS issue and I could just arm/play videos from Resolume into the Hypno. I went out and bought an adapter, and completely forgot my Hypno does not have this USB-C port in the top right. I’m guessing this port was scraped on newer models? Is there a different way of achieving this?

Any insight is greatly appreciated. Loving this thing so far, but I feel like some of the documentation out there pertains to older models?

Hello and welcome to the forum!

1 - Hypno targets about 20fps overall due to its cooler-less embedded nature, currently I am getting around this rate when sampling files without NDI active. (Compression slams the tiny CPU pretty hard). What I am noticing in some video is that the FPS appears to be spiky where there are bursts of frames then slowdowns, perhaps this is what you are referring to? I will need to look into stabilizing the frame delivery.

Also upon even closer inspection I have noticed that for some reason the video continues to be decoded in the background hurting the frame rate of the other shapes when videos are loaded in the background so thats a bug I will also be looking into. (Sampling is a newer and highly complex feature so I appreciate your patience with that since in reality its a stretch to make it happen along side all the processing features on the Pi).

FYI muting shapes improves performance since half the engine is disabled.

2 - The old panel port was a Micro OTG that required adapters for inputs. The newer hardware arrangement features multiple full size ports on the back that can take most devices without additional dongleage. Do note that USB-C on the back of the device is power input only, the bigger USB-A ports are what handle input from USB Drives, Cap cards etc.

Plz check out the first page of the latest PDF manual linked here where I wrote a full round up of IO capabilities for all possible Hypno variants; including the discontinued CM3 version you are referring to with the USB/composite on the panel.

I welcome your specific notes on any and all of the documentation since we are constantly improving it!

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Just looking through the advice here as I try and encode with Handbrake to use on a USB stick to load into the Hypno.

Regarding what you say about compression, and framerate…

  1. If filesize/storage isn’t going to be an issue for me, does it make sense to use a constant framerate, rather than the peak framerate option that my install of handbrake wants to default to? My limited reading and knowledge implies that constant framerate encoding would need less decoding from the Hypno, but I might be missing something in my understanding here.

  2. If the answer to the above is “yes, constant framerate would be better”, and the Hypno targets “about 20fps”, then: would it make sense to be encoding to 480p at 20fps, or would 30fps still make most sense regardless of the Hypno’s overall target framerate being about 20fps?

I actually have never tested these specific encoding options so if you give it a go plz let me know your results. My initial guess would be that there likely will be little perceivable difference.

I didn’t perceive a difference. However, the files were slow-moving earth rotations from space anyway.

Also, happened to look up when it was encoding at 20fps “constant frame rate” and the readout at the bottom of Handbrake was saying it was really doing like 14-16fps, and this number was constantly varying and the “average framerate” was also therefore fluctuating, so I don’t have a clue what to believe about how any of this encoding and frame-rate stuff actually works any more :person_shrugging:

Yeah there sure are a lot of numbers and terms when it comes to this stuff. Thats why I usually simply just recommend the preset that works and call it a victory haha