Eurorack power suggestions

Hi everyone, thanks for the support with questions I’ve been having as a new Hypno user! Great advice all around. In a few months, I’m planning to pair Hypno with structure and syntonie cvb001 as pictured. Since both Hypno and structure require greater power draws contingent upon external devices being used, I’m figuring pretty amply headroom is necessary. I’ve had great experiences with 4ms row powers for audio euro, and it looks like 4ms row power 45 is pretty hefty. I’m wondering what others are using in this regard.

I’m also curious if there are any other relatively available video modules that anyone suggests would pair with these as well, and if there are any particular cases that for some reason or other are better for video stuff? I imagine it’s all the same case-wise but in the throes of the learning process so curious to hear what others are doing. Thanks!

Video modules require very good quality power supplies because the frequency of the signals is so high they are more susceptible to noise from the power supply.

You can see the power supply needs for your modules on modular grid, so aim for something that supplies 10% more than you need.

Cases have two important features: depth and ventilation if you’re running Structure for a long time, it gets pretty hot and the built in fan benefits from airflow in the case.

I use a Doepfer PSU3 in a low cost 6U Doepfer case for the set up linked below and I’d also recommend all of the modules in it as working beautifully with each other.

Crow, ochd and Pam’s provide CV modulation for the case while everything else generates, glitches or distributes the video signal.

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