Dongle Diaries issues

i followed the video and tried to connect my iphone to the hypno and boot it up–no luck. is there a way to force the hyno to see the iphone interface once connected?

It should be relatively plug and play with all the right pieces, so you’ll want to isolate and inspect every part of the signal chain for problems, like so:

  • Is Hypno running firmware 2.0 or later? Have you tried the latest firmware? Get it on the update page
  • Are you connecting to Hypno from the front USB port? The side port is for power only.
  • Does your OTG/microUSB adapter work with other devices like MIDI controllers, webcams, or other capture devices?
  • Can you view the output of your iPhone on an HDMI display?
  • Does your HDMI capture device work with other HDMI video devices?
  • Are you using an Apple official HDMI dongle?

You can find additional troubleshooting steps in this thread, too