CV input tips? What's been looking good?

I got inspired to get into the eurorack market due to the Hypno and went down a rabbit hole. Now I own a Mother 32, DFAM, and Subharmonicon.

So far my CV adventures haven’t resulted in a lot of nice visuals. Has anyone gotten good looking effects from any CV inputs? At best I get extremely rapidly changing visuals, but nothing is noticeably happening on beat.

Hypno is going to work best with sub-audio control voltages such as from an LFO or envelope. Audio rate signals, like oscillators or music, don’t work as well.
In the case of these Moogs, start with something simple like the LFO outputs from the Mother 32, and patch this into Hypno. Play with the speed of the LFO to get a feel for its effect. You can also process the LFO through the onboard VC mix to attenuate the signal and reduce the overall effect. Keep in mine the CV is summed with the knob position.
Try the envelopes next, start with a long attack and decay, then reduce the time gradually to see the effect. Now you can modulate Hypno along with components of your modular compositions by using the same envelopes and LFOs for your music and hypnotic visuals!
Another option would be getting an envelope follower to generate control voltages from music, several options exist in the eurorack world and might be a bit more simplistic, especially if you’re using external audio like streaming music or a live performance


get yourself an ALM Pamela’s New Workout and you will have all of the LFO rhythmic control you could need.
well…it would get you started with synced LFO control.
i six of them wired into all of my visual noiz generators.

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