CV for color/hue input

Is there a relatively practical way to DIY hack an additional CV input to control the hue?

Two difficulty levels on this one:

Use currency to purchase this cv to midi module that is prebuilt or DIY-able:

I Wanna Make My Own Interface, DAMMIT:
You may be interested in this DIY thread started by the community:


:joy: :joy: For real though it’s not a very difficult thing to make at all. And so thankful the modular community has something of a “standard” around certain aspects of interfaces and whatnot. Even if not like standards body standard; a template or reference point is very useful. MutableInstruments did most of the work already for us!


I can use the Befaco module for other applications as well so that looks like the right solution for me. Thanks Ron!


While I respect people being creative by using other modules to solve problems or engineering their own solutions, I’m still thoroughly befuddled why there isn’t a native solution for managing hue variations via CV. The two things that are critical to the success of my use of the Hypno are:

  1. video-in via the micro USB port, and
  2. hue variations.

With a CV > Midi solution for hue control, I lose the micro USB port (and video-in), so that’s not really a good solution (at least for me). I never use any of the CV ports on the Hypno, but I would if there were an option to manage hue variations that way. I tend to set up my video gear and then step away to play music. A hands-off solution here would take my production to the next level.

Since the one thing keeping me from achieving Hypno nirvana is just a matter of a firmware update, I would hope there will be an option in the near future to CV control hue variations. Please? Pretty please? I’ll buy you lunch. What do you say?

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I can’t comment on any firmware updates for Hypno, but wanted to let you know that a few users have had success with USB hubs to connect a MIDI controller and a video input simultaneously.

Couple of us at Sleepy are using this one

Of course I have to mention that it’s important to not draw too much power from Hypno via the USB port. If you use the external power option on this hub then you should be in the clear.

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I have run usb midi and video into the Hypno at the same time. Standard usb hub into an otg cable. Easy life.

Running about 20 LFOs constantly modulating CC values for different parameters (including hue) generated on the Midihub along with note data and a feed from an HD webcam. I haven’t hit a bandwidth limit yet or had any signal issues.

You can live that Hypno dream!

CV is lovely and all, having recently got to play with the Hypno and a literal wall of eurorack gear, I can really see the benefits of the responsiveness and smoothness it gives. Infinite floating point loveliness.

But midi is a more versatile tool for interfacing with digital instruments musically. Software to software is going to be subject to less restrictions than anything which is constrained by the laws of physics rather than just maths.


I very much appreciate the helpful feedback regarding OTG USB hubs. I have that hardware, but nothing that would be externally powered.

While this may end up being the way forward for me, I would also have to buy the CV>MiDi module (or make one) and then find space in my Eurorack setup which means removing something else I use. A simple software solution native to the Hypno would be so much more elegant and less disruptive and messy. If that isn’t an option for some reason, I’d like to know for sure. It just seems so weird to have to implement something like this rather than just having the ability to control Hue via CV.

I’ve got the OTG hub recommended above and also have used USB MIDI and video input simultaneously without a problem. I’m in this camp with you though @sfish, regarding “have to buy module, then find space…” which is why I opted for the DIY route because at least I’m occupied while building it. :joy:

I am hopeful for firmware updates that allow us some sort of configuration of e.g. presets, cv inputs, etc and agree on the surface with your assessment. It’s been requested before. That said, my intuition from my day job in software tells me this is not such an easy task as you might think with just a view of the product itself.

Playing devils advocate with myself, again… These folks have been super responsive with the community around the Hypno, and I don’t doubt there’s more goodies in store for us – whatever they end up being.

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I definitely understand that firmware updates can be challenging and may seem easier from the outside. No disrespect intended to anyone involved in that process and huge kudos to making the Hypno as awesome as it is. :slight_smile:

And I’m a patient person. No huge rush. I’m just so excited to try new things and make everything work as seamlessly as possible that I believe there is value in pleading this case. Time will tell.

Now I’m off to buy some parts and see if I can get a CV>MiDi solution in place.


Apologies for the necrothread dig but it is Helloween and all. :sweat_smile:

I’ve yet to buy a Hypno but am pretty keen. I am curious how powerful is the cv control seeing they’re fixed parameters. I’ve got heaps of eurorack so cv sources aren’t an issue. I’d like to not have to worry about midi and also will probably use the midi in for video input even though some have had success running midi and video in via a hub apparently.

I want to use it live as part of my rig so I don’t want to have to be tweaking the Hypno constantly as I’d rather focus on the music mostly hence the cv control question.


We think the CV inputs are quite useful as is, that’s why we made 'em :laughing:. If you want to change the color pallet or use a more advanced feature, you may have to turn a knob every once in a while. You could also use presets for this sort of thing.

I encourage others to jump in here for a less bias opinion.

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Thanks for the info. I’ll probably usually aim for 4-6 different types of patches with cv to create audio visuals otherwise just slow moving morph stuff which I can prob assign the internal modulation to even.

Other feedback not from the company welcome too of course :slight_smile:

I’m def close to committing.


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Here’s my take as the owner of a Hypno and a Structure:

The CV controls are powerful and work well to modulate patches containing the non-CV controlled parameters.

The controls and workflow on the Hypno are great.

They make intuitive sense without the need for menus.

The Hypno is a visual instrument. The Structure is a visual computer system.

I can play the Hypno intuitively precisely because of the intentional limitations of the interface.

The Structure is currently unfathomably complex, so I’m skittering across the surface of that system.

A guitar has its limitations by design, but it can be expanded using pedals for example. The equivalent with the Hypno is using a midi controller, it opens up the parameters but at the cost of greater complexity in setup and operation.

For the last month I’ve just been creating patches first with internal modulation and then adding CV once I’ve got something I’m into. That and running every output from an Ochd into it and just letting it phase in and out.


Thanks for the feedback. Totally makes sense and sounds like the Hypno will do the trick nicely. I’ll just view some more videos to confirm. I already use Max and Lumen but it’d be nice not to have a computer for live shows. And how awesome is Ochd. Love that module!


Short of a CV input, some kind of color self-modulation built in is the one thing missing from Hypno IMO. I would swap the “hue shift” effect on the Feedback page (which has mixed results) with actual hue cycling. I’ve done hue modulation with MIDI LFOs and I would argue that the result looks better than the hue shift effect.


This would be very nice to have. Just having the hue slowly cycling over time would add a lot to otherwise simple patches, keeping them interesting. Being able to do it internally would avoid having to sacrifice another CV input for it. Although I do still think it would be useful to have maybe an option to put a config file on a flash drive where you can remap a CV of user’s choice to hue, because syncing to a gate or envelope etc. for rhythmic color flashes/shifts would be very very very cool. And I’m in the camp of being primarily a musician and not using any MIDI for my music, so no interest to invest money or space or brain cycles into adding MIDI to my live rig. But even just some internal self-modulation options for it would be a major improvement if you want to avoid feature-creep with adding a config file on USB.


I just want to bump this- has CV for color/hue ever been made an internal option on Hypno as yet? I would really like to be able to patch hue directly from the front panel without external devices. I am short on space and there are a couple of the CV inputs I rarely use while really really wanting to use one for color

I added option to switch gain cv to hue cv in 2.3, pdf manual has info about this feature on bottom of page 8

No internal mod yet tho

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Oh I missed that! Thank you so much Ron!!!

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