Cryptovoxels: Browser 3D Art Gallery World

A 3D browser based art world (?) I found in the depths of the internet.

There is some interesting environmental design

And art galleries of sorts with nfts

Did you find anything cool in there?


Haha, I made this (and just ordered a hypno!). Feel free to ask me anything about it. :smiley:


Oh whoa, hello! Great job on this! Ive been really enjoying it lately.

Do you own any venues in there? Maybe we should organize an AV online party in there sometime :smiley: (Or maybe you have a recommendation of existing ones to attend?)

(Just gonna leave this here for my own reference, this webGL engine looks like a lot of fun:

Yeah I own a bunch of places in the world. My friend Destroy With Science owns this club:

We could totally do a video stream there, that’d be awesome. I’ll message him and we should set something up.


Actually thats the exact room I was thinking of since I found this earlier!

Yeah lets definitely try to hook something up, could be interesting! Ive been a bit discouraged about livestreaming but we had some pretty cool performances on SleepStream when it was happening last year.

Please do I would love to know more!

Hello there… this looks class, great job!
Where can I learn more about this world? Hope ye hook up for a sleepy stream but I would like to learn more in the mean time.

What are you looking to learn James? There is some good info about the world on the homepage about section: Cryptovoxels - About

Great! Thanks, that answers most of my questions…
Maybe you guys should open a sleepy circuits gallery, that would be class…

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Yeah that would be cool, lets keep an eye out for parcels on sale maybe we can make it happen!

Also open call to community to let us know if you would be interested to attend/curate/display in a sleepy virtual gallery!

I haven’t learnt anything about building in that world yet but I suppose we could also use a master architect.

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Yo! Any date n time in the pipeline for this cryptovoxels/ sleepy circuits video stream?