Concurrent NDI out and midi in

I’m having trouble getting NDI out and midi in on the device at the same time. Any pointers?

I read on the forum that video and midi in are not possible at the same time. Really hoping that is not the case with NDI and midi in. In my opinion, that fact should be clearly stated in the sales materials. I did not find out until my device arrived and may not have bought it had I known before purchase. I realize it is a hardware limitation but it is reasonable to assume that advertised functionalities can happen at the same time.

Not trying to be a downer. It really is a cool device and I have been waiting for something like it for a long time. Kudos for building it.

Also my unit’s ports are misaligned with the cutouts on the case. Takes some twisting and force to insert cables and I’m afraid I’m going to break it every time I plug it in.

Hey there…
I’m no expert but as far as I know if you want to use midi you cant use the ndi…one or the other as far as I know…someone else may chime in here with a solution (hopefully)
The current fix is getting a capture card and put that on the end of hypnos hdmi then into laptop… in obs add source…choose video capture device and then choose USB video…

Hi pxlkid, welcome to the forum!

Currently Hypno officially supports one type of USB connection at at time: NDI, USB MIDI host, or video input. I’m sorry if that is not perfectly clear in the feature description.

We are currently investigating methods for using MIDI input at the same time as NDI, but bear in mind that Hypno is a USB MIDI host only. This means you can connect USB MIDI devices like controllers and interfaces, but it is not possible to establish a MIDI connection over USB between two host devices, such as Hypno and a computer.

Ok so we’ve actually done a little testing with this OTG ethernet/USB hub and it works for using NDI output and MIDI controller input simultaneously. I connected the ethernet port to my laptop, then one of the USB ports to a NanoKontrol2, and was able to control Hypno while also monitoring/recording it in OBS.


So the computer is able to get video feed from the ethernet port? That is rad.

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That is great news! I just ordered the hub you listed. Thank you for your reply and testing. I appreciate it. Great work making a cool device even cooler.

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Yup, NDI works over USB or ethernet.

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Technically the Hypno pretends to be an ethernet dongle via USB, NDI works over any network connection.

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Would this OTG device work for simultaneous HDMI Capture (already have the USB HDMI capture dongle) & MIDI control? that’s what I’m after…

Hey hitek, welcome to the forum.

If you mean using a HDMI capture device as a video input for Hypno, while using MIDI simultaneously, then yes that worked in my testing too.