Combining Hypno with Structure or other video modules

Just got into modular video and loving the hypno but I would like to be able to tame it sometimes.
For instance use hypno’s output to project /map it onto a 3D object (obj) or use hypno’s output as a texture or element for more minimalistic visuals if that makes sense. Or maybe have some more control of what i feed into Hypno.
I was thinking about getting an Erogenous tones Structure but I couldn’t really find any info or videos of people using the two together. Or hypno in combination with any other video module for that matter.
Would the structure be a good match for the hypno? wondering which modules pair well with Hypno in this regard?

Thanks in advance!

I use Hypno with other gear. But so far just with the video input using a usb dongle, or composites with a video mixer. If you want to use the CVBS video output of Hypno with Structure CVBS input it should work. I’m not sure about the sync issue for that setup as I can’t test it on mine right now. I recommend emailing erogenous tones about that one as they are generally responsive and nice guys. At worst I would imagine you need to duplex the output to send it to the back sync input and front input, but ideally just the front input would work. :blush::+1:

For using it with LZX gear it would have to be used with Visual cortex’s sync input, or TBC / the upcoming TBC2, or the also coming soon Chromagnon to get it to sync the system and into rgb patchable land.

PS I highly recommend Structure, it does soooo much. :blush::vulcan_salute:

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I don’t have a Structure so I can’t comment directly about using it with Hypno, however I think it should work right out of the box with composite.

As for other modules, we have a list of eurorack modules good for modulating Hypno here

And there’s an entire thread devoted to piping Hypno into an LZX system


The work fine together, I am using the newest firmware in each module and no problems.

Hypno composite out > Structure composite in
Stucture composite out > TV

I have also test with a camera input on Hypno and it passes to Structure no problems.

Great fun these two


What case is this? Great layout! I’d love to see ant clips of these two together if it’s convenient to share, do you feel like this pair is enough to get started? Thanks!

the case is home made.

Either of these modules alone is a great start.

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Hi guys, owner of a hypno since some of the first batches. Got myself a structure today, but the composite out to structure in gives a super feeble signal, does any know what could cause this?

If I connect the composite out to the beamer Hypno seems to work just fine? :man_shrugging:

I’ll record you guys a clip. Super happy with both the Hypno AND the Structure but they donmt seem to be friends yet. I’ll record you guys a short clip…

Tips or advice is appreciated

This is what I run into

This is an issue with structure, might find better support on their forum.

There are so many settings on structure which could result in this.

As a structure owner my suggestions are:

  • Nothing plugged in apart from the composite input
  • Press the Display button to see the incoming signal vs the modified output
    If you can see the input clearly but output is dim then it’s something the structure is doing in software to alter the signal.
  • Turn the 3 knobs right of the screen up
  • On this node set (VID-OUT) press the Random button
  • Update to latest structure firmware
  • Factory reset structure via system menu

If input is dim then it could be a hardware issue on the structure. This is because something is happening between the cable and the RPi module.

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