CM4 Hypno not powering up on top USB-C port

Hi, I’m hoping this is easily fixed. I’ve just bought a (used) Hypno which is the CM4 version. I have tried to power up using the USB-C socket at the top (sits beside the USB-A , Ethernet & HDMI sockets). The power supply has enough Amps to drive my Macbook. I popped the Hypno out of the case and spotted a second USB-C socket on the Pi which, when connected to power, turns on. I’ve checked the ‘off/on’ status of the update switch and the HDMI cable is connected to a monitor when I’m powering on.
I’ve also reseated the Hypno to the PI.

Am I missing something obvious here?


Hypno won’t actually power up without a proper supply, and the one we recommend is an official Pi4 usb-c power supply.

You’d think a macbook one would also work, but they’re different wattages and have different standards all together. So best to spend the extra $10 on the real thing.

You may want to try a different cable since USB-C is implemented slightly differently in different ones, we have verified the official pi supplies to work as @cinema.av says otherwise your mileage may vary. You may also have received a unit with a damaged connector so inspect it carefully for damage.

Thank you both. I’m surprised the Apple power supply didn’t work as it’s rated 3.0A

I’ll try some different cables and power supplies in the meantime.

I’ve ordered the Pi4 as suggested.

This likely has nothing to do with current rating (though that is certainly important and they recommend 3.5 A+ at 5V) its the implementation of the USB-C connector.

Apple PSU units are confirmed not working with the top port.

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Thanks Ron, appreciate the insight.

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Raspberry Pi4 power supply definitely fixed this issue. I also tested with a generic USB supply which has a USB C output rated 3A. That worked too while using a non-Apple USB C cable.

Having great fun with it. Sorry that this is Facebook only video. A quick “first hour with the Hypno” featuring CV from Moog Mother32 & Subharmonicon with rhythm from a TR808 and a Moog DFAM

When I get to grips with this I’ll share more videos across other platforms.

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