Choose Resolution

Is there a way for me to choose the resolution of the hypno instead of it auto-choosing?
When I run it through my splitter it goes to the lowest resolution available, but if I plug it in directly to a monitor it chooses the highest available.
I’d like to force it to use the higher resolution instead of forcing itself down to 680x480 [I know that’s the native but I’d like to use the internal upscaling]

At the moment, there isn’t a way to force a resolution.

However, @SleepyRon is in the middle of a new firmware, which will include the ability to choose resolution. We’ll be updating the forum as it comes together.


Sounds like the splitter is defaulting to the lowest resolution for maximum compatibility. Because the splitter would be a lot more complicated if it had to scale the input to two different resolution displays. Maybe you can find a splitter that has a specific output resolution all of your displays are compatible with?

Another possibility is the splitter is selecting that resolution is because that’s the best common resolution between your two displays/inputs.

Does the splitter still go to 640 if you don’t connect the other output to anything? Just run Hypno to the splitter, splitter to your monitor?

So all the monitors used are the same model with the same resolutions available.
What I’m going to try and do is connect the hypno and turn it on directly connected to one of the monitors to get it’s maximum resolution set, and then disconnect it from the monitor and connect it to the splitter to see if it retains that resolution choice.

Will reply again once I’ve done this test.