Capture card / Video source + USB drive: Which has priority?

I have all my Hypno presets and MP4 video files on a USB drive. If I connect an HDMI capture card or video source at the same time as the USB drive is connected, will Hypno intelligently figure out that I want to use that for the video shape (instead of an MP4 file)? I don’t want to have to unplug the USB drive and then lose access to all my presets when I want to do a video capture!

I’m hoping that either one of these will happen:

  1. When the capture card / video source is connected, it will be used for video, and once it’s disconnected, Hypno will go back to using the video files on the USB drive
  2. With both a USB drive and capture card / video source connected Hypno will let me choose the video source as if it was just anoither video file.


Hey there,

Switching between a live feed and USB capture is quite simple.

When the teal color shape is active, just take the left or right most knob (whichever is being used for the external feed) and turn it Counter Clock Wise, and you’ll be able to switch between without having to hotswap anything.


Thanks, I missed this!

Thank you so much , I must re read the manual … it’s got huge …