Can you get higher resolution w/ video input?

Not sure if it is the dongle that I am using but I was wondering if you use a better capture card that goes into the hypno input if you can get better resolution coming out of the hypno when using the video input?

USB2.0 bandwidth is pretty limited when it comes to transmitting video, so capture devices tend to heavily compress your incoming source. Furthermore, incoming HD sources are downscaled to Hypno’s internal resolution, so any higher resolutions would involve upscaling from that, which is what Hypno does natively when you connect to a 720p or 1080p display.

Worth mentioning that composite/AV capture devices are going to be extremely lo-fi video inputs. Generic HDMI devices are a lot better, albeit with the same caveats mentioned above.


Well the Hypno is absolutely amazing! It is sending me down wonderfully creative roads and I am having a blast. Thanks for the info and quick reply. You guys rock!


Glad you’re enjoying it!

Hey yea I was wondering about this. When I connect a 720 hdmi input from laptop it seems to crop part of the picture. But 480 hdmi out from memory palace seems to be able to use the whole picture. Are 720 / 1080 input via hdmi dongles cropped to a 480 window? I can adjust what part is used with the video input controls, but not sure I’ve been able to use a full frame on 720/1080 input

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Yes, in essence Hypno runs at 720x480 internally so video input that doesn’t match those dimensions is going to be fit into the engine.