Best Webcam for streaming/video manipulation?

I used to use a few of these ELP cameras( back in the day and I’m now considering buying a few more for streaming purposes.

But I’m wondering if there are other options I should be considering?

@Winston suggested Logitech C920 ( )

It’s a bit of a pricer tho :confused:

Can’t express the value of local used purchasing. I got my C920 for $20.

If you have OBS and an iPhone, you can use that as a webcam by downloading an app… it’s about $15 I think

I have been using the obs camera app also, costs money but is worth it imho

works very well when using one phone over USB, 2 phones over USB is less reliable it seems, but I haven’t tried a proper setup.

I recommend turning off tethering, if it’s on I’ve had some issues with Win switching to the wrong network.

My main problem with this setup is that I don’t want another thing to charge and I can’t always leave it set up, inevitably I only have one functioning old iOS phone and I would like multiple angles on my setup I can just leave up.

However, if you can get NDI to work/you have a reliable wifi connection you can really get crafty with some action shots should you recruit a camera person or an extra tripod that isn’t realistic to run a wire to

Logitech C615 user here (Model no. V-U0027). Think I paid $30ish, but somebody’s trying to price-gouge quarantined ‘work from home’ people for $178 on Amazon. This is probably the worst time ever to buy a webcam…

I don’t do streaming, but the C615 works great with the Lumen Mac software and Waaave_Pool, which is a Raspberry Pi thing.


I use the free IP Webcam Android app on my Galaxy Tab A also running Spacedesk and the OBS Multiview, using USB tethering to maximize performance.

I also have a few Logitech C922x Pro webcams and a Sony Alpha a6000 (connected via an HDMI to SDI converter into a Blackmagic DeckLink Duo 2).

The best Webcam is probably the one you have on hand. Beyond that, if you can afford to, skip the Webcam entirely and get a quality SLR-type camera with a good lens and large sensor into an HDMI capture device :smiley:

On that note any capture devices that are actually in stock this time of COVID? I have a Pentax I could feed in, but no reliable capture card at the moment.

Ive been looking but its been a bit of a challenge to find something compact, ideally bus powered and affordable.

I know it gets mixed reviews but I have had a positive experience with the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle. Pretty compact, bus powered, has a range of analog connections plus HDMI. Tops out at 1080p30, I believe though. I personally don’t have any sources I’m recording that are 1080p60, so it works for me.

They can be found use for a lot less than new. I got really lucky but I got one for $35 on craigslist last year.

It seems like a surplus in demand has turned into a surplus in supply and now HDMI ingest is super cheap. These little things work pretty well.