Audio with hypno?

Hi All,

So this may already be an answered question but I’m not really looking to spend lots (more) money and I want to know if there is a simple solution to taking an audio source (input from an instrument/mic/drum trigger) that gives some sort of control over the video?

I’m having lots of fun in the meantime just using the hdmi out from the unit but would love to be able to use this little thing in a live setting at shows for live visuals in the background.

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the way I’m tackling this is:

  1. Take audio I want to activate functions in Hypno and send it to an iPad (can use iRig, etc)
  2. Install Audiobus (or any AUv3 host)
  3. Install FAC Envolver (an AUv3 plugin envelope follower)
  4. Send the audio to Envolver via Audiobus
  5. Configure Envolver to generate midi from the incoming envelope
  6. Send the midi to Hypno

It might not be the easiest way, but since I already had most of the parts (iPad, midi interface, etc) it only cost me like $20 or so for an AUv3 host and the plugin.

I’d love to hear other ways!


Hey @ezradrums welcome to the forum!

I’ve covered the topic of audiovisual patches here in this tutorial thread which should give you some ideas for achieving your desired effect, along with some gear recommendations

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Hey Sleepyfriends!

Here is my Hypno providing visuals for my kid at their birthday party (just before the kids arrived).

All of the kids (around 10 years old) absolutely LOVED Hypno and were queuing to experiment with it and asking questions about how it works.

My setup in this case is an iConnectivity Audio4+ receiving audio from a MacBook. An iPhone running the Envolver Auv3 in AUM plugged into the iCA4+ running an envelope follower and generating midi CC which is going to Hypno which is connected to the iCA4+ via USB. I then projected Hypno using a nice projector and used a pair of monitors attached to the analogue outs of the iCA4+ to blast the tunes in sync to Hypno.

In this case I was running a LPF to isolate the bass hits and feed that audio into Envolver then sending data for midi CC1 and CC3 so the two oscillators bounced to the bass. But it’s equally easy to have fun with any of the other destinations. Modulating feedback modes was also very cool.

I’ve only had my Hypno a month or two and it is my favourite piece of gear. It is amazing!

With thanks to HiTek (above) for the original idea for using Enveloper! :heart: