Arkaos GrandVJ XT compatible?

Hello all!

Man I was so impressed with this sleepy circuits module. It hypnotized me!

Question though I use grand VJ in my setup and I think this could be a really cool addition to my rig. I have used the same stock and free video packs for years.

Anyone ever tried seeing if hypno is recognized as a source in Grand VJ on Windows 10?

Thanks for creating a device like this Sleepy Circuits what an awesome product. I really want to place an order.


I do not have Grand VJ but it seems like it can take NDI inputs so you should be good to go.

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Awesome :+1: thanks for looking into this Brian. Yeah everything I can see tells me that it should work. Hopefully there isn’t a crazy back order. I’ll give it some thought and submit an order tonight or tomorrow. Thanks again!

We still have a decent amount in stock. No back-order right now =)

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Seems like a YES

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