All LEDs stuck Red

Hi I just flashed Hypno 2.4 NTSC PI4/CM4 firmware onto my Pi 4 model B using Balena as per the guide and when i power my hypno all the Leds are just stuck on red even if i am pressing/holding the buttons and moving the knobs. I try connecting it to my video capture card and the hypno does not appear as an input source any help?

Hey there,

Which Model of Hypno do you have? Is it just a PI4? If so, you might just need to plug in the HDMI out to your monitor before powering up.

If it’s the CM4 model (the one with a compute module, and a main jack board) make sure the “update” switch is no longer activated.

Hey it’s just a Pi4 Model B. I have tried powering it after it is connected to my HDMI capture card going into my computer, same results as before :confused:

This is the capture card I am using:

I am powering it with a pi power supply for my model