Advice on which model to order

Hello friends

I’m looking to order a standalone Hypno in the near future and could use some advice on which version to get.

I will mostly be using this on a CRT through an analog video mixer. Would it make more sense to order a no-PI assembled version and add in a PI3 for composite video?

Am I better off just getting the newer presembled PI4 and using an adapter for composite video? Any idea of how that might change or affect the video signal? Are the adapters annoying?

I appreciate any thoughts on the tradeoff

Ideally I would go for a pi3 if using composite because its a a bit easier to switch back n forth from HDMI with that version.

Either pi3 or pi4 should work just fine for composite if youre cool with the no-pi version, if you want the cm4 assembled its also pretty easy to just buy a cheap hdmi->composite converter box (since you can power it off the hypno usbs usually its not too cumbersome in a set up). The result will look pretty much identical either way.

(Though I have heard of reports of the AV multi-jack adapter being noisy, mine appears to work just fine could be a cable quality thing, I don’t use composite very much tho tbh since HDMI gives better colors)

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