Adapting standalone to Eurorack

I have a Hypno - Assembled (CM4-WS) version - and a Hypno Eurorack Adapter Kit

I also have a Raspberry Pi 3a+

I’m a little unclear on the steps for Eurorack conversion, and the docs link on the product page for the adapter kit doesn’t seem to lead anywhere. Can anyone point me in the direction of the current instructions for this?


Thanks for the feedback, I have updated the link on the site.

Hello Sleepy Circuits -

Is it possible to use the Eurorack conversion kit with a Raspberry Pi 3 B+? I would like to purchase this and the USB expander kit, but it says it only works for Pi 3a+

Thank you

A+ form factor is required to clear the eurorack rails

thank you for the reply. i already have a unique case option that clears the right half of the upper rails (only screwing in top left screw and bottom screws). If the B+ still performs like the A+, i’m willing to risk purchasing it. Worst case, I can get an A+ and use B+ for another project.

Performance is basically thesame across the models yes, not sure about your specific euro case so that would be up to your discernment.