10V peak-to-peak and ±8V EG outputs to inputs in Hypno

So I’m primarily using a Moog Matriarch and a Moog Subharmonicon to output CV and audio signals to the Hypno. I haven’t done anything yet with the Hypno though bc I’m worried about burning the circuitry if I’m not careful about what signals I’m sending out. Am I right to assume that 10V peak-to-peak is ±5V? And that it would be dangerous to input an 8V signal into the 5V jacks on the hypno? or would that just distort the input signal coming into the hypno (if 8V)?

Thanks, and please excuse my ignorance…

Though I haven’t personally tested up to 10V, in theory, the mcp6004 based inputs should be fine and clip in a flat, non-folding fashion,

but those signals are not very useful outside of -5/5V range so attenuation recommended yo

please don’t input anything outside of the +/-12v rails idk what happens then lol

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Ok! Thanks - yeah the Moog can only output up to +8V, or +10V if I go in and chance a few global settings so I won’t go over +/- 12v, and I guess I have the attenuators on the Moog but wanted to save those for moog-moog patches.

Would that mean that the inputs are voltage protected between +/- 5 – +/- 12 V?

They are clipped with the circuit at the functional range from -5V to 5V.

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